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Do you have a new business idea? Let us help you with your online presence.

Creativity & Customization

We build each website with your unique touch, which means no website looks the same.

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We give you the best support for every problem that can occure, because we know most problem require a different approach.

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We want to help you whether you are a business or individual. We hope you choose us for all your IT needs.

About Us

We understand that technology is usually a love-hate relationship. That is why we do our best to make it as easy as possible when helping you with your technology.

Everyday IT Services started for one reason... to help you with your everyday technology when you need it. This could involve choosing the right software for your business, building a website that meets your needs, setting up a new device, troubleshooting your device when it starts acting up and so much more, but we don't just specialize in Business IT Services. We help the everyday individuals by offering Residential IT Services. This service is provided at a lower rate and is stricktly for the individual NOT for a business, because we want to help everyone equally.

At Everyday IT Services, we understand what you are going through because we can't fix your technology without us having to go through the same problems you have gone through.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We as an Everyday IT business try serve all Niches even the ones not listed. You can always give us a call with any questions regarding your specific niche.
Web Care is for websites we build as well as pre-existing websites. We protect your site from going down for long period of times. We update current content per your request (does not include adding whole pages). If your site crashes or goes down we bring it back up within 24-48 hrs of crash. We perform quarterly optimizations to to your website to make it run faster and provide updates as needed. We also keep a backup of your website for easy restoring.
Most IT companies setup your products but dont spend the time teaching you how to use them. We provide a tutorial for your purchased software / service. Meaning, our Everyday IT Techs teach you how to use exactly what we sell you at no additional cost.

Our Niches

Lawyers & Attorneys
Automobile Repair
HVAC & Plumbing
  • Everyday IT Services did a wonderful job setting up my new office. They installed a antique chest, integrating modems, phone , stereo amp and lines. really nice touch was conduits to hide all wiring and cords, very professional look and design. I told them what i wanted with my office and they delivered in very timely and professional manner.
    Tom Carr | Owner
    Carr Industries
  • Everyday IT Services was great to work with. They were very quick to respond to my frantic phone calls. After listening to the unique issuses with my patch-together computer system, they were able to figure out a workable solution.
    Mebane Ham | Owner
    Hambone & Associates
  • I hired Everyday IT Services to create and manage my website for the company I own, Business Administration Services and Education. The process was rather seamless. I met with Duncan, told him what I wanted, and a few examples from other websites for the design and functionality I was looking for. Before you knew it, I had a website. We made a few tweaks here and there. I would recommend Everyday IT Services simply for their response time, communication, and professionalism.
    Ashley Robertson | Client Care Coordinator
    BASE - Business Administration Services and Education
  • Working with Everyday IT is an amazing experiance! They are my comprehensive partner in managing my online presence
    Daniel Cope | Owner
    Cope Inventory & Loss Prevention
  • My experience with Duncan, the owner of Everyday IT Services went way beyond my expectations. He's young, vibrant, sharp, knowledgeable and super encouraging. I had no idea what I wanted for my business website and he worked patiently with me and answered any questions that I had with confidence. I explained to him that I wanted my website to be simple and user friendly and he made every effort to provide me with exactly what I asked for. It turned out amazing! Even when I had a time crunch for the website because customers were getting more demanding to see my menu, he made it happen. Duncan, Chef Sal and I thank you for what you've done! We have a special shirt being made for you because you were so good to us! Keep killing it!! I will continue to share with the world how wonderful your services are. THANK YOU SIR!!!
    Candice Lewis | Owner
    Da' Jerk Machine
  • Everyday IT helped me solve a difficult solution that I had with my personal laptop. They were able to recover important documents when no one else could.
    Residential Client

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