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The world of IT is a lot more confusing than we think. Which is where Everyday IT Services come in. We make that world much simpler for everyday use.

Our Niches

We as an Everyday IT business try serve all Niches even the ones not listed. You can always give us a call with any questions regarding your specific niche.
Lawyers & Attorneys
Automobile Repair
HVAC & Plumbing

About Us

Everyday IT Services started for one reason... to help you with your everyday technology when you need it. This could involve choosing the right software for your business, building a website that meets your needs, setting up a new device, troubleshooting your device when it starts acting up and so much more, but we don't just specialize in Business IT Services. We help the everyday individuals by offering Residential IT Services. This service is provided at a lower rate and is stricktly for the individual NOT for a business, because we want to help everyone equally.

At Everyday IT Services, we understand what you are going through because we can't fix your technology without having to go through the same problems you are going through.

Our Advantages

Unique Ideas

We approach every project with a different way of thinking because every project should be unique in its own way.

Quarterly Reporting

For our business clients we provide reports every quarter that show you exactly what we are providing for you.

Designs & interfaces

We pay careful attention to detail, by designing every webstie with a smooth user experience for all your visitors.


We work with you like well oiled gears to try to make the most efficient solution to all of your needs.

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Everyday IT Services

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